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What can you do?

When most people find out the amount of damage and destruction that invasive species do to property, native plants, native animals, and people, they want to get involved and take action.

At Ocean Habitat and Wildlife Rescue, we have a wide variety of methods that people can do on their own to take action and help our local environment.

1) Get more information: knowledge is power.  The ability to identify which species are non-native is crucial.w1
2) Home owners should only plant native flora. Non-native plants can grow out of control and crowd out native plants.
3) Pet owners should be very careful if they have an exotic species, especially pythons and iguanas
4) Get involved in a local charity that helps the environment. The more involvement we have, the more care we show to the environment.


These are just the beginning.  It’s a long battle, but if we are diligent and create a culture of awareness, we can provide our youth with the type of environment we can be proud of.

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