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Who We Are and What We Do...

We are a group of dedicated citizens concerned about the environment. We came together because we care about preserving our habitat in its original state. We are taking powerful measures to make a positive impact on the future.


Education is extremely important to our cause. Education is a powerful tool that helps the prevention and elimination of invasive species. Visiting schools, community centers and going to local events allows us to help educate the public on this important cause.


The best way to stop the introduction of invasive species is to prevent them from being released to begin with. To accomplish this will take education of pet owners working with State Wildlife Officials and raising awareness of the general public on the impact these animals are having.


Elimination is the most difficult method because it often requires destruction of possibly thousands of animals or plants. This is expensive, time consuming and, so far, ineffective. It will take a more massive effort to completely eliminate invasive species. With a contribution to our organization from you, we can equip our team with the tools needed to continue this process.

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